Glue Gun 10
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There are over 200 companies in the hot melt glue gun market. This invention not only provides an improved product. It allows the owner of the patent to OWN all rights to this $billion market worldwide. No one will choose to use a gun that only holds a single glue stick when they can have four feet of glue stick (longer if they want) of any type of glue they wish to use. Continuous use. No more starting and stopping. No more ruining the job because the glue cools off during the time it takes to change sticks.

Another advantage. Spring flanges hold the glue sticks in place when loading. No more glue sticks falling out if the glue gun is tilted backward when loading. This invention is pure profit. Why? The invention can be attached to any glue gun and it only costs 8 cents to make. It can make a $4.00 craft glue gun a $12.00 gun. It easily makes an $18.00 industrial glue gun over $40.00.

A crafter can seam five entire dresses without loading one glue stick or fill 10 scrapbooks without stopping. The factory worker assembling corrugated boxes or electronic components can save hours in production time and get a stronger, faster and better sealed carton or circuit board if they don’t have to stop to change glue sticks.

Just turn the glue stick cylinder one space and push a new stick forward. Continue gluing without the slightest hesitation. No other glue gun stands a chance against this. Decide if it is more desirable to own this market completely or lose it all. When marching off to compete in the glue gun marketing wars, what is best to be armed with. A single shot flint lock pistol or a 10 shot revolver. If interested, please present an offer to purchase all rights to this invention worldwide. Thank you for your consideration.

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