Professional Grade Frame-by-Frame Film Scanning 

Perfect Video uses professional-grade media conversion equipment. These tools complete frame-by-frame film scans in a controlled environment, reproducing your videos in the highest possible quality.

Our HD system features a mounted industrial-grade camera paired with an extremely high-quality lens that focuses on your film’s frame surface. Perfect Video media conversions result in sharp and focused images.

Reel Sizes and Film Formats
Reel Size Matrix
Reel Diameter # of Feet
 3 Inch Reel 50
 4 Inch Reel 100
 5 Inch Reel 200
 6 Inch Reel 300
 7 Inch Reel 400
 8 inch Reel 600
 10 inch Reel 800
 12 inch Reel 1200
 14 inch Reel 2000

  8mm/Super8 to USB drive or DVD disc – $0.25/foot
($75.00 for first 250 feet)
16mm to DVD – $0.35/foot ($85.00 for first 50 feet)