Please take a moment to rate the following items using the scale provided here:
    SCALE: 1=Strongly Disagree 2=Disagree 3=Neutral 4=Agree 5=Strongly Agree

    1. PRESENTER(S):

    a. Well Prepared/Organized

    b. Concepts Clearly Explained

    c. Responsive to Questions

    d. Skillful in Presenting

    e. Considerate & Professional


    a. Program description was accurate

    b. New skills or knowledge acquired

    c. Content seemed current

    d. Material/Concept well organized

    e. Content level appropriate to audience

    f. Slides/Video/Audio clear and helpful

    g. Handouts current and useful


    A. From the video vignettes illustrating examples of patients that we as clinicians are likely to encounter,
    identify the ACEs and the effects a client’s trauma/s, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs have on their
    wellbeing as well as potential effects on practitioners.

    B. Identify common stressors and signs of excess stress.

    C. List resourcing tools that increase your effectiveness as a psychotherapist and
    can enhance your client’s response to processing and life.

    D. Specify 3 or more potential uses of Phase 2 strategies with clients.

    E. Build resources and resilience for patients through the body, mind,
    emotions, and spirit engagement.

    F. Describe key elements of Mindfulness.

    G. Identify preferred EMDR Phase 2 Resourcing Tools for our clients:
    • Body • Mind • Spirit

    H. Describe ‘Emotional Self-Defense’ and how to use the concept for working with your
    clients and giving them another tool for coping in difficult situations.

    I. Describe key elements of being a ‘Compassionate Warrior’ and Fearless as a Therapist.


    a. Program met or exceeded expectations

    b. Facility/Room was comfortable.

    c. Program was well administered.


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